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"Don’t get too heroic on me, okay?”

"Nah, I’ll play it just like you."

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i think what pmmm taps into is that girls are always brave and girls are always willing to die for something and it behooves the laws of the cosmos to support and cherish the fuck out of that and pave the way for all that roaring desperate worldbreaking heroism.

#joan of arc is universal girls will always take that arrow in the shoulder they will always save orleans they will always be tied to that #stake. so you have to save them. you have to. #this is a universe that cherishes girls. (via gatheringbones)

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i thought i was over it and then

i wasn’t


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Contemporary Art Week!


Lost silent film with all-Native American cast found

The Daughter of Dawn, an 80-minute feature film, was shot in July of 1920 in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, southwest Oklahoma. It was unique in the annals of silent film (or talkies, for that matter) for having a cast of 300 Comanches and Kiowas who brought their own clothes, horses, tipis, everyday props and who told their story without a single reference to the United States Cavalry. It was a love story, a four-person star-crossed romance that ends with the two main characters together happily ever after. There are two buffalo hunt sequences with actual herds of buffalo being chased down by hunters on bareback just as they had done on the Plains 50 years earlier.

The male lead was played by White Parker; another featured female role was played by Wanada Parker. They were the son and daughter of the powerful Comanche chief Quanah Parker, the last of the free Plains Quahadi Comanche warriors. He never lost a battle to United States forces, but, his people sick and starving, he surrendered at Fort Sill in 1875. Quanah was the son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, the daughter of Euro-American settlers who had grown up in the tribe after she was kidnapped as a child by the Comanches who killed her parents. She was the model for Stands With a Fist in Dances with Wolves.

You can watch the first ten minutes of the film here. It is over 90 years old, and was produced by, directed by, and stars Native American people.

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My roommate was laid off about a week and a half ago, and he’s been using his newfound free time to look after his girlfriend who is dealing with some medical issues. This means I’ve basically been home alone for a week and a half because last week I was cooped up dealing with the end of undergrad stuff, today I had to work, etc

Anyway this has resulted in me doing weird shit after midnight, like last night I decided IT WAS TIME to deep clean our stovetop, soak the burners, scrub beneath the top lid part, and so on, and it is beautiful now

Tonight I decided I should try out some of the makeup I picked up for the Rainbow Dash lazy “”“cosplay”“” I’m doing at Northern Ontario Expo in two weeks because 1. I want to make sure the colours are good and 2. I don’t know how to put makeup on, and I ended up with glittery blue liquid eyeliner all gummed up in my eyelashes (???????) and also I think my lips are permanently stained magenta

all this is to say if anyone has eyeliner tips they can give me without showing me actual pictures or videos of people applying eyeliner I would appreciate. rn I have this liquid glittery blue shit, black and blue pencils, and black gel, all of which I am experimenting with to figure out what I want to do with my face?? I’m getting less afraid of putting pencils by my eye but I still cannot deal with watching other ppl put pencils by their eyes because I never know what’s going to happen or why their eyes seem to look around all wildly in a video tutorial l m a o

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Behind the scenes of the photoshoot we did with rufiozuko in his Zuko cosplay. With asthebelltolls and t34m4dor4bloodth1rsty!

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day 19

idk man I wish Gengar were real

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Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

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Basically the movie.


Basically the movie.

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